What is The Art of Return?

The Art of Return is a monthly newsletter of essays on art, culture, and Black womanhood by me, Amarie Cemone Gipson. I’m a critic, arts worker, and part-time DJ from Houston, Texas. My writing is focused on ensuring that the work of Black artists, thinkers, and cultural producers is accessible and carefully historicized. My research interests range from Black feminist theory and experimental film/video to Southern hip-hop and culture. This newsletter is an extension of my critical writing practice that allows me to engage directly with you, my community. This is where I get to talk my shit, unapologetically with unflinching honesty.

In addition to my free, monthly dispatch, paid subscribers will receive full access to curated content (mixes/playlists, books to read, things to watch, artists to know) + personal updates, and my advice column. Your contribution would mean the world, so if you’re able, I encourage you to open your purse/wallet/pocketbook and subscribe. For every 3 paid signups, I will comp 1 paid subscription for someone who is unable to afford it. Feel free to email or DM, if you’re interested in being comped. <3

Anyway, I’m glad you’re here and I really hope you stay.

With love,

Amarie (uh-MAR-ee)